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Our Approach

MoreLaw Receptionist is owned by Attorney Kent Morlan, a former USAF Cryptographic Repairman.  He practices law in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is the owner of MoreLaw Suites, a legal professional executive suite business located in Downtown Tulsa.  MoreLaw Suites provides real and virtual offices for legal professionals more than 20 years ago.  He also provides virtual receptionist services nation to help solo and small firm practice lawyers reduce their overhead and in improve the practice communications.

Our Story

MoreLaw Receptionist grew out of MoreLaw Suites and MoreLaw.com.  Attorney Kent Morlan was a member of a medium sized law firm in Tulsa unit he and a partner senior to him had a disagreement.  MorLaw elected to leave and create Morlan & Associates, P.C., which concentrated its practice in the civil litigation area, mostly representing insurance companies and industrial corporations, Diamler Benz, Bendix, Travelers, Ciba-Geigy, etc. Morlan & Associates, P.C. had a small office that did not have the amenities and support services that Morlan had previously enjoyed at his old firm.

In 1996, Morlan and his wife, Terrie, took a road trip to Yellowstone Park.  During the trip they developed the idea of creating an office environment for solo and small firm practice lawyers in the historic Beacon Building in Downtown Tulsa.  MoreLaw Suites would offer real and virtual offices and support services available to lawyers practicing in large practice groups at affordable prices.  Basically, MoreLaw Suites would take advantage of the economies of scale and pass along the savings to its tenants.

One of the technologies that MoreLaw Suites had was a DK-280 Toshiba digital telephone system and receptionist to answer and triage inbound calls to the tenants.  Over time VOIP telecommunications technology made digital private branch exchange phone systems obsolete.  So, MoreLaw Suites purchased an Asterisk PBX to replace the Toshiba which made it possible for MoreLaw Suite's receptionist to answer inbound client calls and triage them world wide.  The development of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) made it possible for telephonically communicate worldwide without incurring long distance charges.

ith SIP Trunking MoreLaw Suites spun off its receptionist services and created MoreLaw Receptionist.  Subscribers to MoreLaw Receptionist can reduce overhead cost by replacing or re-purposing the receptionist to perform more productive work.

Meet the Team

Kent Morlan, Owner

Shannon Moudy, CTO

Linda Williams, Office Manager

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